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[HERE]SAY - a story cartography

Newfoundland is a landscape not only of roads, buildings, harbours and hills, but of human experience -- this is what makes up the unique character of our province. The place is full of stories.

Where most maps offer you a satellite view or a graphic layout of the street grid, ours is a story map.

[HERE]SAY features personal stories set in specific locations: along Water Street and Outer Battery Road in St. John's, and throughout Torbay. In the city, take a walk on Water, or out to the Battery, and look for the [HERE]SAY signs on the light poles. In Torbay look for the Sheritage signs. You'll see a phone number and a 3-digit code. Dial the number on your mobile phone, punch in the code, and hear a story about the spot where you're standing.

If you can't get to actual locations, choose a virtual location on the web map and listen online.

We welcome more stories for this map. If you'd like to contribute, please contact us.

[HERE]SAY is made by:
Chris Brookes (documentary maker)
Dale Jarvis (storyteller)
Mike Mouland (designer)
And all the storytellers

A Story Map of Water Street was installed June 2009.

A Story Map of Outer Battery was installed November 2011, in partnership with the Outer Battery Neighbourhood Association.

A Story Map of Torbay was installed October 2013, in partnership with the Town of Torbay.

Website by Chris & Mike..